Earlier this year Cape Town Tourism attended EMITT Istanbul, which is the fifth largest trade show in the world, with the main intention of positioning Cape Town as a halal tourism destination.

The CTT team engaged with top trade and strategic stakeholders to increase awareness about Cape Town’s offering as a destination, identify key partnerships, and build on the existing relationships in the market. Most significantly, CTT was able to connect the Turkish trade with relevant CTT members during the various meetings. In addition, CTT will have ongoing engagement with the trade on the progress of the halal accreditation of members.

The Turkish trade showed a particular interest in Cape Town’s cultural diversity, the city’s beaches and natural beauty, the diversity of adventure and outdoor activities and the variety and quality of cuisine available. Trade also valued the opportunity that Cape Town offers to travellers over religious holidays such as Ramadan, and strong interest was shown in CTT’s Halal Accreditation Project.

For any further information or to be connected with the Turkish trade, please contact Carel Stadler carel@capetown.travel