Arrivals from China to Cape Town increased by 2.2% YOY in 2015 to over 84 000 visitors to become our 7th highest source market. As such, Cape Town Tourism has committed itself to growing the number of Chinese visitors to Cape Town by working with the industry to provide the kind of experiences that Chinese visitors hope to enjoy. As part of this, we encourage all tourism operators to become engaged with this market, to learn more about Chinese culture and to accommodate Chinese bank cards so that our visitors will enjoy a more seamless stay in the city.

In order to streamline the Chinese visitor experience, Cape Town Tourism has partnered with UnionPay International. Though relatively new to Africa, UnionPay is rapidly expanding beyond its Asian home base and currently represents half of all global bank cards in circulation.

In South Africa, three major banks (FNB, Standard Bank and ABSA) now accept UnionPay cards.

UnionPay is thus now in a much stronger position to market South Africa as a tourist destination to their large cardholder base, thereby driving tourism to South Africa.

Become part of UnionPay’s global marketing campaigns

UnionPay runs major promotional campaigns globally, to attract UnionPay cardholders to visit prime destinations around the world.

Cape Town Tourism members have the opportunity to participate in these campaigns free of charge. In order to participate UnionPay requires some form of discretional offer that you are willing to extend to their global cardholder base and to accept UnionPay as a method of payment as your establishment. In return, they will market your brand and your offer through their extensive marketing channels, both locally and internationally, through partnerships with banks, tour operators, online operators, governmental agencies and local tourism authorities.

For more information on participating these campaigns please contact